Now, you all know (I hope) that I love to read and write. I do it constantly… yeah. Anyway, the point is, I had to make a page about it. Cause I mean, why not??? Really. Here are some of the titles of books I have written:

  • Simply Bob
  • The World Can't Fit in a Box
  • Generations of Power

Writing Welcome

Here is a page that is for the community. You can send me anything you have written that you want on this website. Please, contribute!
You can send anything from Novels to Poems, Comics to Short Stories!!!1 If your work does not get put on the site, it will eventually!2 Please, contribute all you have.

Writing Help

Some people love writing, but have trouble with writers block, or with coming up with a story. Here are some tips for getting around that:

  1. Like your story. Your story won't be your best if you, the writer, don't like it.
  2. Have a convincing plot.
  3. Like your characters. If you don't like your characters, they won't be as good.
  4. Be able to relate to the characters. This way, they will develop more.
  5. Have action. Readers like that, and you will have more fun with the story that way. Of course, ignore this if that isn't your style.
  6. Don't write a boring story. Who wants to read a boring story?
  7. Put yourself in the position of the reader. ask yourself, would you read your story for fun? would you enjoy it?
  8. Have fun writing it. A story won't succeed if you don't have fun with it.
  9. Be creative!
  10. Re-read, Revise, Re-Write! Remember to check your work and constantly make it even better!

Well, I hope those helped…

One Last Tip


Reading will always help develop your writers side. And of course, it'a a BLAST!!!

Simply Bob

Here is the Prologue and First Chapter of my novel, Simply Bob3:


“Well, my story starts on a Monday after school when I was walking to the park to meet up with Matt (my best friend). It was a very unusual day, and the start of an adventure.
“I am your average 14 year old girl. Or at least, I used to be. I have long wavy brown hair and brown-hazel-green eyes. I'm about 5' 4½" and Matt is shorter, about 5' 1". He has short black hair and dark brown eyes. He is a month younger than me.
“Now, my story might give you the incentive to come and find me and put me in an asylum, but hear me through. By the end, you may believe me when I say, It's true. If not, well… I never told you where I live.”

Chapter One
The Beginning, Bob, and Some Tea

Well, it all started when Bob followed me. I was walking past a cherry tree on a Friday after school, when a long thin stick started jumping after me. I tried to catch it and break it or something, but it kept evading me. Hey, it was a tricky stick! But anyway, I'm pretty darn glad I didn't. Matt and I meet at the park everyday after school. As I was walking up to the park, I saw the school bully, Amanda, and her gang. She was in my grade, but she was bigger and meaner than everyone else. I momentarily freaked: we weren't on good terms with each other, and there was a stick following me. Maybe if I ran I could ditch them both…
“Hey you! Going to meet up with your boyfriend? Oh wait… I forgot! I heard that Adam dumped you. He dumped you big. I knew he wouldn't tolerate you long! So now I guess you’re going to go cry to Matt… ‘Waaa… my boyfriend dumped me… help…’” she mimicked. They all laughed.
Amanda had been so jealous of me ever since Adam, a hot guy in our grade, asked me to the dance. We went together, and we had been dating ever since. Today, he came up to me and told me that he didn't want to go out anymore and that it would be better if we were just friends. I told him okay.
“No. We're not dating! And he didn't ‘dump’ me. I dumped him!” I snapped. That wasn't exactly true, but it might work. It didn’t.
“Hey, no back talking little girl. Don't make me come over there and beat you up. Cause you know I will.”
And I did. I had learned that many times over. I started backing away.
“Stop! I'm not finished with you!”
At this point, I started running. I didn't see the little stick thing anywhere, and if I could get away from Amanda and her friends, I was free. I broke into a sprint. I could her them running behind me. I picked up the pace a little. I could run well as I was in track. I was a natural sprinter. I saw a big mud puddle and ran right at it… then jumped over. From listing, I heard some of the other girls weren't so lucky.
“Ew! I hate mud!”
“UG! My pants are completely RUINED!”
I snickered as I was running. They had given up pursuit. There! I was free. Then I saw Matt. He was running also. He saw me and veered over. He was panting. I skidded to a stop to avoid running into him.
“Whats up?” I asked casually, trying to forget that I had just been chased by a stick.
“WHATS UP??? Oh, NOTHING really, I only ran into a stick that could walk and talk, and it only chased me around the park for TEN MINUTES!!! Nope, nothing unusual!!!” He was panicking; I could tell by the way his eyed were shifty and also by the general nervous appearance he was giving off.
“Calm down!!!” I urged. “I have good news and bad news,” I continued. “The good news is that you aren't completely losing your mind. The bad news is that I know that cause I was chased by a stick too. But that one didn't talk…” I trailed off, thinking. Matt brought me back to reality. He was gaping at me.
“THIS IS CRAZY!!! Sticks don't MOVE!!! THEY. ARE. NOT. ALIVE!!!” He was losing it. I sighed. This happened too often. He was prone to losing it.
“Okay, lets think this through.” I said calmly, even though I was close to losing it also, I was also known for keeping my cool in bizarre situations. I think that this qualified as a bizarre situation. “We know that we were both chased by sticks. We know that they weren't the same sticks, cause we were being chased at the same time, so there is more than one alive-stick in this general area at the moment.” At this, Matt looked around anxiously. “We also know that this is not normal stick behavior-”
“Of COURSE it's not normal!!!” Matt yelled. “We are both going to get thrown into an Asylum or something!!!”
I sighed. “No, because no one knows about the sticks except for us. Therefore no one has reason to throw us into an Asylum or something.” I looked at him. He was calming down.
“Okay, then what are we going to do about it?” he asked.
“I really don't-”
“AHHHHHHH!!! Stick thing! Run!!!” I jumped at the sudden outburst. Then I looked closer at him and realized that there was a stick clinging to him back.
“Get it off!!!” he pleaded. I turned him around and whacked it off. Then I felt something climbing my back. I whacked that too then ran.
“Come on!” I called to Matt, looking back. He started running after me. Then I tripped. I was mad. I never tripped. Then I saw what tripped me and I got even madder. It was a stick. I opened my mouth to yell at it, but it spoke first.
“Hello. Please stop running so we can talk! Goodness, you humans are so annoying sometimes. Now, once Carrissa and your friend Matt over there have caught up, we can begin.” The stick looked at Matt coming up. I gaped. This was when I started to lose it. When he reached us, he stared.
“Stick… stick thing!” he stuttered.
“Lets just… hear it through. Okay? This could be interesting. Anyway, its not everyday that you run into a talking stick!” I said, trying to brighten up the mood and also trying to give myself excuses for not totally losing it. Matt glared at me. The stick was silent. “Okay then.” I said. We sat there for a minute until another stick- presumably Carrissa- came up.
“Okay,” said Bob-The-Stick, “Let's get started. Hm… Well, I think I'll take the reigns on the first part, then you can take over. Okay?”
“Okay,” said Carrissa-The-Stick, “Thats sounds good. Take it away!”
“Okay,” Bob-The-Stick replied, turning to us. “Let me tell you just one thing. Don't run away, scream or do anything that would bring attention to us. Okay? Can you do that?”
“Uh…” said Matt
“Yes,” I replied firmly. “We can.” Matt glared.
“Okay then. I am, like Carrissa, a wand.” he watched for our reactions.
There were a few things running through my mind. “No… Not possible… No… Not Real… Crazy… Impossible…” I said one thing. “Very funny. Okay, wheres the actual people? And the remote control. Very funny… Oh wait, Amanda! Where are you? Just for your information, this is really cheap. I didn't fall for this for a second! Lets go, Matt.”
“Um… Courtney?”
“I think they're telling the truth.”
I looked at him. “Matt… How is that even possible? Wands? Thats in… Harry Potter! Not in real life!”
“Um… but have you looked at them lately?”
I looked and almost fell over. They were floating. “Uh… they… up in the air!”
“Yeaah… I think we should… um… hear them through. Maybe” He cast a doubtful glance at the floating sticks. They rose higher. “Yep.” he pulled me with him as he sat down. I briefly thought of how weird it was that we suddenly switched roles of freaked and calm. “Okay…” I said hesitantly, taking a deep breath. “Whats this all about?”
“Well,” started Carrissa-The-Wand, “For one thing, my name is just Carrissa, not Carrissa-The-Wand”
“WOAH!! I cried “How did you know-”
“Later,” Carrissa cut in. “Okay. Well, we are each from a different type of tree. I am a willow stick, and Bob-
“I'm a cherry tree stick,” he cut in.
“I thought I was telling this part!” said Carrissa.
“Oh… right. Okay, sorry.”
Carrissa rolled her eyes. “As I was saying… We all come from different trees. We are obliged to hid by our mother tree until a… marked person comes by. Then we take it from there.”
“What is a 'marked person'?” asked Matt, looking worried.
“Well… someone who can become a wizard,” she said.
“Who are you obliged to to do that?” I asked.
Carrissa's face darkened. “I don't know.” she replied quickly. “Anyway, we have to go to a wizard tutor, a schooling, an education program, whatever you want to call it, for 6 months. Then… Well, you'll find out what happens when we get there.”
“Um… there's two of you. We each need a wand… who is who's?” asked Matt.
“Well-” started Carrissa, but Bob interrupted.
“That comes after tea!” he said.
Carrissa glared at him.
“Sorry! You got to tell the other part…” he trailed off into silence. I smiled. “He's right. Do you happen to have any tea?” she asked.
“Cherry and Willow!” said Bob.
“I don't,” said Matt.
I saw this coming right when tea was mentioned. Matt's family drank coffee.
“I might…” I said reluctantly.
“Oh goody!” cheered Bob.
“I'll run home and see- don't leave this spot. You coming, Matt?”
“Uh… Nope. I'll stay here.”
I glared at him. He smiled.
“Be right back,” I said.
“Okay.” said Carrissa.
I ran back to the main path through the park. Then I ran out of the park, crossed a street, walked a block, then came to my house. No one was home. That figured. If anyone saw me right now, they'd have questions. My jeans were dirty, there was a rip on the back of my shirt where Bob had climbed me, and my hair was a disaster. I unlocked the door, dumped my backpack, and went into the kitchen to put the water on to boil. While it was heating, I went up to my room, changed my shirt, and ran a brush through my hair. Then I ran back downstairs to see that the tea was ready. I looked in the cabinet and found the millions of different herbal teas. I rooted through them and found cherry easily. Willow took me awhile, but I found it eventually. I took a thermos, filled it with hot water, and took two tea bags. Then I grabbed two mugs. I put these all in a sack and ran out the front door, locking it behind me. I ran back to the park. The others were in the same place they were when I left them. They were talking animatedly, so I cleared my throat to let them know I was back.
“Ooh! Do you have the tea?” asked Bob. “We were getting worried!”
“Yeah,” I said. “But I'm already worried.” I took out the thermos, took out the mugs, poured hot water into them, and placed the tea bags in. I gave Carrissa the willow and Bob the cherry. Bob enthusiastically smelled his.
“Ooh! Smells good!” he said.
“Thank you, Courtney.” said Carrissa.
“You're welcome.” I said. “Now will you tell us how we're gonna be paired?”
“Well, yes. Um… Bob? Do you want to-”
“Yeah! Okay. Lets see. Courtney, you will be with me, and Matt is with Carrissa. Okay?”
“Yeah,” I said, trying to sound enthusiastic.
“Yeah!” said Matt, sounding enthusiastic.
I rolled my eyes. It would be my luck to get the crazy one.
“Great! Okay,” he said, slurping up the rest of his tea. “Lets go!”
“Excuse me, go where?” asked Matt.
“Home! Where do you think?” said Bob.
“Right… Courtney and I should get going. Where do you two spend the night?” asked Matt.
I had a really bad feeling right when he asked that.
“Don't you know? We-” started Bob, but Carrissa interrupted.
“Um… We sleep and live with… The people… We… Um, the people we serve. That would be you.”
My fear was confirmed. From now on, I would be living with a crackhead stick.
“Well… um… I don't think that is… possible.” stammered Matt.
“Why on earth not?” asked Carrissa.
I knew at once.
“My parents… wouldn't allow it.” he looked ashamed.
Carrissa laughed. Matt looked up, surprised.
“Your parents wont ever know about us.” suddenly, she disappeared. Then she because visible again. “For one thing, only people who know we exist can see us. Secondly, even if your parents knew we existed, we could become invisible. Does this make it possible?” she asked.
“Yeah,” said Matt, looking relieved. “You'll just have to watch out for my siblings… so they don't break you or something.”
“Okay. They wont be able to see us either.” said Carrissa.
“Right…” said Matt.
“So there are no complications with your house?” asked Bob, turning to me.
“No, unfortunately.” I snapped. I had had enough. Here are these stick things who chase us around, trip me, introduce themselves as wands, demand tea, then demand to live with me? It was too much. “You expect me to do whatever you say. But what if I don't want a stick living with me? Especially a crazy crackheaded one? Well you know what? I think I should have a say in this. I would really rather not have a stick living in my house. So if you don't mind, you will have to stay somewhere else.” I started to get up, but Matt grabbed my arm. “Courtney! Whats wrong with you? These. Are. Wands! We can do magic! Why are you walking away?”
“Because, I really don't want a crackheaded stick living in my house! Do you really believe all of this?” I asked, pulling away from him.
“Yeah, I do” said Matt. “You're the one who told me that we should give them a chance to explain themselves!
“Yeah… but… I didn't know that all this would happen!” I said weakly. “Look, I just want to go home, and do my homework, get up, go to school, eat lunch with my friends, I just want to be a normal teenage girl!” I sighed. “I want to live a normal life!” I said.
Matt looked at me, astonished at my outburst. “Courtney…” he said, stepping toward me. I backed up.
“Just… give me some time, Matt. And you too… wand things. I need some time.” I turned around and walked back through the park to my house. No one followed me.


Here is the Prologue and First Chapter of my Warriors book, Generations of Power.4 First, However, I will have a list of definitions you will need as you read the book.

a kitten
prey, like mice, birds, and rabbits that the cats catch and eat
This is where Kits and their mothers stay until they are made apprentices
This is a young cat that is training to be a warrior. All apprentices have mentors.
One warrior is assigned to each apprentice. They are, literally, a tutor. They teach apprentices how to fight and how to serve their clan.
Warriors are apprentices who have completed their training.
Medicine Cat
These are special cats. Each clan has one. They learn what healing properties different plants have. They are doctors.
There is one cat that is in charge of the whole clan. At the end of their name is 'Star'.
This is like the 'vice president' of the clan.
Once a month, all of the four clans have a peaceful meeting to discuss happenings.
Clan of the Fiery Orbs
In Erin Hunter's series, this is StarClan. The are the deceased cats who watch over the living ones and send prophesies to the medicine cats to help the clans.
Half Moon
2 weeks
Quarter Moon
a week
Sun High
Moon high


The Clan of Fiery Orbs congregated in their starry camp.
"We have to have a Clan meeting!" called FlamePelt, a Clan cat.
"Quiet!" yowled FireOrb, the leader of them all.
The noise subsided.
"Now that we are all quiet, we can begin. A great group of cats has just settled in the land below us." He paused. "They are disorganized, they don't even know what clans are. We must fix this." There was silence. "There are four different types of terrain down there. They are Forest, Prairie, Lake, and Rock. There are also four groups of cats that would in turn fit into those terrains. We need to go to them and alert them of this. We will go to the four potential leaders."
All of the cats agreed. They knew what to do.

"Here, this looks like a good place for us to live." Said Savanna.
"I agree," said Birch
"It will do," concluded Rain
Slate merely grunted.
"Look, there is a mountain in the middle of the land! Let's sleep there tonight." Said Birch.
"Okay, sounds good," said Savanna.
The four cats went back to the group of cats that was waiting for them.
"We have found a place to stay." Said Rain
The cats all cheered.
"Follow us," said Savanna.
The cats made their way to the mountain. It took awhile, but eventually every cat was settled.

Meanwhile, FireOrb and three other cats, FlamePelt, StarGazer, and LightPath, each made their way into one of the four leader's dreams. Savanna was told that she was SavannaStar. She was to go to the southwest to the prairie with her new clan and make a home there. She was also told the warrior code, how to live, what to eat, the right way to hunt, the boundaries, all about the truce, and about the Clan of the Fiery Orb. The three other cats were told about the same thing, except different hunting techniques and where to go. BirchStar goes to the northwest; RainStar goes southeast, and SlateStar goes northeast. After all of this had been said and done, the cats of the Clan of the Fiery Orb left.

When SavannaStar awoke, she knew what to do. She called her cats and they knew who they were. They made their way southwest to the prairie. BirchStar took his cats northwest to the forest. RainStar took hers southeast to the lake, and SlateStar took his northeast to the rocky land. All of the cats were pleased.


The Clan of the Fiery Orbs watched as a kit and her sister were born. They knew the first kit was special. They sent a prophecy down to the medicine cat of that clan, SpottedMist.
"The one who stalks the prairie will save all that listen."

Chapter One

PrairieKit watched the everyday commotion in the GrassClan camp from the confines of the nursery. She couldn't wait to become an apprentice! Her mom told her to wait and be patient like RoseKit, her sister, but she just couldn't! It was too exciting! Her apprentice ceremony was in just a half moon! RoseKit was not as happy as she was. She wanted to stay here in the nursery forever. She was such a mousebrain sometimes. She bounced over to her mother, DewDrop.
"Mommy!" she squealed
"Hush, PrairieKit. You're going to disturb MorningFlower's new kits!"
They both looked over at MorningFlower. She had had a litter of five, a large litter. One had been stillborn. The four remaining kits were very healthy. They were BeetleKit, PetalKit, GrassKit and SkyKit.
PrairieKit sighed. They were never allowed to have any fun in here.
"Where's RoseKit?" she asked.
"She went to get some freshkill. Why don't you join her?" said DewDrop.
"Okay!" PrairieKit bounded out of the nursery to the freshkill pile.
"Hi PrairieKit!" said RoseKit when she saw PrairieKit running up.
"Hi!" PrairieKit took a mouse and dragged it over by RoseKit. "Are you excited about tomorrow?" asked PrairieKit.
RoseKit nodded.
"I can't wait! Imagine, being an apprentice! Who do you want your mentor to be?" asked PrairieKit.
"Uhhh, well, maybe RainPool," replied RoseKit.
"Oh. I want SavannaStar." Said PrairieKit nonchalantly.
RoseKit snorted. "Yeah, right."
PrairieKit hissed and pounced on her sister. RoseKit rolled over and jumped up. They scuffled for a few minutes, and then went back to the nursery. They both promptly fell asleep next to their mother.

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